The Rise Of The Skinny Tie

//The Rise Of The Skinny Tie

The Rise Of The Skinny Tie

Born out of the swinging sixties, the skinny tie has become a staple of the modern, well-dressed gentleman and is certainly an item every man should have in his closet. However it should by no means be worn ubiquitously and without discern. There is a time and a place for a skinny tie, and it certainly doesn’t work with just any old outfit. We’ve created this short guide to help you get the skinny on…the skinny – just like Robert Pattinson!


The correct length of a tie is to just touch the top of your belt-line. This is important; your tie will be the main source of alignment and will set the geometry of your outfit. It simply has to be correct or you risk throwing the rest of your outfit out of whack.

Correct Domain.

A skinny tie will look best in a European style suit. That means a slim-cut single breasted suit with a maximum of three buttons. This is due to the fact that when choosing a tie, the basic rule is that the width of the tie has must adhere the width of the suits lapels. Considering a skinny tie is 2.5 inches in width max, this limits the style of suit if you’re dead set on going skinny.

Your Frame.

There’s no two ways about it, skinny ties look best on tall and thin men. Although the average Joe can pull them off easily, if you are a heavier-set gentleman we advise against the skinny tie as it will throw your proportions into a flux.

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