A Man’s Guide To A Perfect Business Suit

//A Man’s Guide To A Perfect Business Suit

A Man’s Guide To A Perfect Business Suit

Seeing as our previous post which gave you tips on perfecting your work wardrobe went so well, we decided to give you some more great tips for looking your most dapper in your work environment.

The impact of a great business suit goes far and beyond simply looking good. First impressions are incredibly meaningful and difficult to overcome in modern society. A perfect business suit is essential when creating a strong first impression. In addition to this, your attire very often dictates the tone of your personality. A first class business suit will bolster your confidence and really add a shine to your interpersonal skills. Without further ado, here are a couple of quick tips to help you conjure up that perfect business suit:


First and foremost, we absolutely have to emphasize fit. If you’ve read our previous guides you’ll probably be sick of hearing this by now but just for good measure, we’ll drive the point home. The fit of your suit will make or break it; no visual illusion is powerful enough to overcome a badly fitted suit, and on the other end of the stick you’ll find it hard to mess up a suit that fits perfectly. If you want to bring your A-game you simply must get the fit right.

Don’t Redesign the Colour Wheel.

We’re not demanding that you stick to the staples that are black, charcoal and navy suits; we encourage you to experiment and dabble with the entire colour palette, but just don’t do it blindfolded. Understand what colours go together and why, our previous guide ‘What Colours You Should Wear’ is a great intro.

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