What Colours You Should Wear

//What Colours You Should Wear

What Colours You Should Wear


Colour coordination – along with fit – is paramount. You simply will not look good if your colours are more mix and matched than a bag of pick and mix sweets. Also, playing it traditional is just a bit bland. You’re out to make an impression, and we’re here to help! Lucky for you Sir Isaac Newton came up with this nifty cheat sheet that’s going to act as your guide – the colour wheel. Do you know what colours you should wear?

There’s a structured grouping of colours you should be made aware of, this will help you group them together, but it’s not totally fool-proof. Depending on your skin type and body shape, you will have to use your own judgement.

Associated colours. These are 1-3 panels away from each other on the colour wheel, and will help you build an outfit based on a solid theme.

Complementary colours. These are directly opposite each other on the wheel. Building an outfit based on complementary colours will create a very vivid, outgoing contrast.

Triad Colours. Imagine a triangle in the centre of the wheel.  A triad colour scheme involves three colours which are equal in distance away from each other. Using this scheme will build a very balanced outfit.

Obviously there are more colours out there than just those featuring in the above wheel, but the basic principles remain the same. The key factor is to try to create a harmonious mix of colours rather than a chaotic ensemble of disorganisation. Use the above schemes as a very basic guideline. It’s by no means infallible but it gives roots to colour theory, and if you understand the relationships between the colour schemes you’ll have no bodge setting yourself up for the kill!

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